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legado de los pedreros bajo la luna

The legacy of the stonemasons under the moon

Great stone masters lived in the Sierra del Torcal for years, leaving their mark on the landscape. We will visit an old stonemason town, Las Sepulturas, cradle of legends and with hidden surprises. A unique opportunity to know a totally different Torcal and under the light of the full moon.

Upcoming departures 2022: 

  • July: 12 (8:15 p.m. to 11:45 p.m.)

Meeting Point

Mirador de Diego Monea. The guide will be waiting for the participants in the parking lot next to the Diego Monea Viewpoint, on the access road to Torcal Alto.

The reception of participants will be 20 minutes before the start of the visit.

How to get there with GPS? To get to Torcal de Antequera, the best is to follow the GPS indications to the city of Antequera in first place, and once there, reprogram the GPS to the “Paraje Natural Torcal de Antequera” or “Centro de Visitantes El Torcal de Antequera“. The “Mirador Diego Monea” (meeting point), is located 12km from the city of Antequera, along the A-7075 mountain road in the direction of Torcal de Antequera.

More information about “The legacy of the stonemasons under the moon” :

  • Guided hiking trail through “Torcal Bajo” (path not signposted, guide required). After the reception of participants at the Diego Monea Viewpoint, the guide will welcome the natural area and explain the basic safety rules, as well as the route to be taken. The visit ends again at the same meeting point.
  • Length (approx.): 5km
  • Type: Circular
  • Terrain: Very irregular and stony
  • Difficulty: Medium-low. Not recommended for people with medical problems in the joints of the legs (knees, ankles, hips) or children under 8 years of age.
  • Duration (approx.): 3,5 hours, from sunset to nearly midnight
  • The guide will make various stops along the route to interpret the landscape, revealing the ancient trade of stonemasons and the mark it has left on the landscape.


  • 13,50€/person
  • 11€/children under 12

* This activity only covers the guide service of the monitors, the necessary materials and the relevant insurance. In no case it is included the transport to the places where the activities are carried out nor the victualling.
** The activity will be suspended if a minimum number of registered participants is not reached. In this case, participants will be notified by e-mail (check that you have correctly entered your e-mail address in the booking form and also your “Spam” or “SPAM” folder).


  • Wear enough warm clothing and long pants. Remember: higher altitude, lower the temperature. Check forecast here. Also, in summer there are many thorny plants. Long pants prevent injuries.
  • Hiking boots or trekking shoes. Due to the irregular and steep terrain, it is strongly discouraged to choose any other type of footwear.
  • Small backpack with water and some food.
  • Flashlight per person. Although the full moon will light the way, extra light may be needed to keep from stumbling.
  • The trail is very rocky and slippery. For this reason, this activity is not recommended for people with leg problems (weak knees, ankles or hips), nor for those under 7 years of age. If the guide believes that a person will not be able to make the visit safely, he will ask you to leave for his own safety. The organization could deny participation to those who do not have minimum requirements to carry out the activity.
  • Pets: Pets are allowed in the Natural Park (they must be tied and the owner must have all the documentation in order). You must keep in mind that you are in a Protected Natural Area with specific regulations.
  • The use of the mask will be mandatory or recommended, according to the regulations on the day of the visit.
  • Smoking is prohibited during the development of the activity. Remember that we are in a natural area of high ecological value, and the summer months are considered to be at high risk of fire.

For more information and reservation problems:


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