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Restricción de acceso hasta el Torcal Alto

Restriction of access to “Torcal Alto”

Restriction of access to private vehicles

The Torcal Alto Visitor Center is at the end of a narrow and winding mountain road, and has a limited parking space for cars and buses.

On certain days, the massive influx of visitors causes the collapse of the parking and access road, endangering all visitors to be blocked the only access road to the Torcal Alto.

Therefore, to avoid this situation and as a measure of capacity control, a restriction is made on access to private vehicles on weekends, holidays and those days when a large influx of visitors is expected.

The access restriction is activated once the parking capacity of the Torcal Alto Visitor Center is completed in the morning, and it is maintained until the afternoon, once the bulk of visitors has already left. You can check the schedule for the barrier staff or at the Torcal Alto Visitor Center.

Once the access restriction has been activated, visitors arriving in a private vehicle must park in the lower parking lot, which is next to the A-7075 road between km 41 and 42, and access the Torcal Alto through any of the these means:

  • Shuttle bus, which will be enabled from the same access closure and will be in operation until the afternoon. The ticket costs € 2.00 and is round trip.
  • Route to rise to “Torcal Alto”, for the more mountaineers and who wish to live a totally natural experience. This trail is linear, with 3.60km in length, a positive slope of 260m and very stony terrain. We can consider it as of medium difficulty.


Collective vehicles (buses, taxis, VTC’s) and those with a parking card for vehicles for people with reduced mobility will be exempt from this restriction.

Access with pets in the shuttle bus

Those people who access pets and wish to use the shuttle bus, must meet a series of requirements:

  • Pets must travel in a carrier in the hold of the shuttle bus, with the exception of guide dogs and / or assistance duly identified.
  • The visitor who travels with a pet declares that he / she fulfills the hygienic-sanitary conditions, being duly vaccinated and registered, being the person in charge of the damages that could be caused, according to the current legislation.
  • The user will deposit and remove their pet from the carrier at the beginning and end of the trip.
  • The number of pets per trip will be limited to the number of carriers available on each shuttle bus.
  • The use of private transporters in the same transport conditions will be allowed. In these cases, the company will not be responsible for any damage or store it in storage.

Remember that according to the current regulations in the Natural Protected Spaces of Andalusia, all pets must be tied at all times during the visit to the natural area.

Special “Perseids” and summer nights

The restriction of access will also be activated on certain summer nights where the influx of public can cause serious risk to visitors. This restriction of access will be made on nights that coincide with the “Perseids” star shower and any other night that coincides with an astronomical event of special interest. The conditions of access restriction and the schedule will be published at the date of the same.

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